University of Northern British Columbia

Located in the spectacular landscape of northern British Columbia, UNBC is one of Canada’s best small universities as ranked by 2018 Maclean’s magazine, and provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities that explore cultures, health, economies, sciences, and the environment. As one of BC’s research-intensive universities, we bring the excitement of new knowledge to our students, and the outcomes of our teaching and research to the world. In addition to fostering and celebrating academic excellence, UNBC is a welcoming place with a learning environment that is friendly, inclusive, and supportive. We are also Canada’s Green University™, leading the way to a more sustainable future for all.

Classroom instruction is delivered at the Prince George Campus and regional campuses in Fort St John, Terrace, and Quesnel. UNBC also enjoys an affiliation agreement with the Wilp Wilxo’oskwhl Nisga’a in the Nass Valley.

The Prince George Campus opened in 1994 and is situated on a hill overlooking the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The campus, which enjoys 299 days of sunshine a year, boasts a fitness centre featuring the longest indoor track at a B.C. university, a health & wellness centre (providing counselling and nursing services), student-run pub, Pride Centre, Women’s Centre, and interfaith chaplaincy. On-campus housing is just 207 steps from the heart of campus, with suites featuring four private bedrooms. On-campus childcare services are available for students with children.

  • Transfer Credit

    All University-level course work completed at a recognized institution is eligible for transfer credit. If the content of the course matches a significant amount of UNBC course content, it will receive “specific credit”. If specific credit is not awarded, it may receive discipline credit or non-specific credit. Not all transfer credit may be able to be used to meet UNBC degree requirements.

    No transfer credit will be awarded for any course with a grade of less than equivalent to UNBC 0.67 or D- (50-52.9%).

    Courses more than 10 years old are normally assigned unspecified credit. Programs may specify a shorter time period at their discretion. Students who wish to have such credit recognized should apply in writing through the Office of the Registrar to the appropriate Program Chair(s).


    Assigned Credit

    Specific Credit: Credit is granted for a specific course when the course has a minimum 80% course content overlap of a UNBC course. Specific credit can be used as a pre-requisite for students to complete additional UNBC courses. It can be used to fulfill UNBC degree requirements.

    Eg: CNC MATH 101 (3) = UNBC MATH 100 (3)

    Combination Credit (Cluster Credit):

    When one course is equivalent to more than one UNBC course (either within or across disciplines).

    Eg: UVIC BIOL 184 (1.5) = UNBC BIOL 104 (3) & UNBC BIOL 124 (1)

    When more than one course at another institution is equivalent to one UNBC course.

    Eg: VCC PHYS 1083 (4) & VCC PHYS 1083 (4) = UNBC PHYS 115 (4)

    When two or more courses are combined to be equivalent to a UNBC course or UNBC courses.

    Eg: CNC BIO 107 (3) & CNC 120 (3) = UNBC BIOL 103 (3) & UNBC BIOL 123 (1) & UNBC BIOL 104 (3) & UNBC BIOL 124 (1)


    Unassigned Credit

    Discipline Credit: Used to assign courses that have no specific UNBC equivalent, are university level and are from the same subject area.

    Eg: CNC ENGL 225 (3) = UNBC ENGL 2XX (3)

    Subject Area Credit: Used when UNBC does not have a corresponding subject area, the course is university level and the course could fulfill an elective credit. Areas to use are ARTS, HUMN, SCIE, SOSC at the 100, 200, 300 or 400 level.

    Eg: AU PSYC 470 (3) = UNBC SOSC 3XX (3)

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Main Campus | Prince George
3333 University Way
Prince George, BC
V2N 4Z9

Fort St. John
9820-120th Ave.
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 6K1

Prince Rupert
353 5th Street
Prince Rupert, BC
V8J 3L6

S100 100 Campus Way
Quesnel, BC
V2J 7K1

4837 Keith Avenue
Terrace, BC
V8G 1K7

Wilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a
3001 Ts'oohl Ts'ap Avenue
Gitwinksihlkw, BC
V0J 3T0