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Trinity Western University  (TWU) is a fully accredited, private university that serves over 3,500 students.  TWU takes a unique approach to university education.  Working from a Christian worldview, it combines ethics and morality with career-oriented disciplines in an integrated learning community.  TWU aims to provide a learning environment that prepares leaders who will glorify God by making a positive contribution to the world.  TWU offers 43 different undergraduate majors and 17 graduate programs.

TWU is located just off the Trans Canada Freeway in Langley.  It offers a full range of on-campus student services including library, counselling, and career development.  As well, TWU has excellent campus life programs such as athletics, fine arts, clubs, ministries, community outreach, and recreational services.  TWU has on-campus housing and is located on a bus route.

  • Transfer Policy

    All transfer credit must be confirmed and approved by Trinity Western University. In cases of dispute between what is listed on the BC Transfer Guide and what is ultimately granted for a student by TWU, the TWU decision will be taken as correct.


    Transfer students must present the same application forms and transcripts as those applying for first year standing. In addition, an official transcript from each post-secondary school attended must be submitted. Applications should be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the semester applied for in order to facilitate thorough evaluation of transfer credits. Frequently, faculty members must be consulted to assist in the evaluation.


    Transfer students with less than 27 semester hours of university level work must qualify for admission on the basis of both their high school and college records. A minimum grade average of C (2.00 GPA) is required on all work attempted at the college level. Those transferring with 27 semester hours or more of college work will be considered on the basis of their college grades (high school graduation transcript is still required).


    The University reserves the right to accept only such courses as comply with the academic standards established by TWU and with the requirements for graduation.


    The maximum number of hours accepted for transfer credit from various post-secondary institutions is 75. Individual maximums are as follows:

    • Universities and Community Colleges: a maximum of 75 semester hours. Transfer credit will be given for all acceptable courses with a minimum passing grade (D/P).
    • Institutes of technology and colleges of applied arts: courses are assessed on an individual basis to a maximum of 45 semester hours. A minimum letter grade of B- (or equivalent) is required.


    Students will be able to transfer Trinity Western upper level courses taken at other institutions, subject to the following limits:

    • Courses in a student’s MAJOR field: 24 to 27 upper level semester hours are required; at least 15 of these must be taken at Trinity Western University.
    • Courses in student’s field of CONCENTRATION: 12 upper level semester hours are required; at least 9 of these must be taken at Trinity Western University.
    • Courses in student’s MINOR field: 9 to 12 upper level semester hours are required; at least 9 of these must be taken at TWU.
    • Courses outside of major, minor or field of concentration: No limit to the transferability of appropriate upper level courses for elective credit, subject to the policies in (I) residency and (II) limits in major, concentration or minor fields.


    Notwithstanding the above, no Trinity Western University baccalaureate degree can be earned in a major (or general degree in minors) which the University does not offer.


    A student may not declare a major, concentration, or a minor in any field not offered as such by the University, e.g., Engineering.


    Students who have transferred to Trinity Western University from other post-secondary institutions may be eligible for adjustment in the core requirements.


    See TWU transfer credit tool and academic calendar for more information.

  • Adjustment to Core Requirements

    Trinity Western offers all of its degree programs within a liberal arts framework. In order to provide students with a broad knowledge base and exposure to other areas of academia, all students are required to complete some coursework in Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Human Kinetics, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Religious Studies. Many of these requirements can be fulfilled by university-transfer courses completed at a college. The standard core requirements are listed in the academic calendar, however there may be some differences from program to program.


    For students who are awarded less than 24 semester hours of credit, there is no change to the core requirements. Students with 24 semester hours of credit or more are waived from FNDN 101.


    Those who are awarded a minimum of 57 semester hours are exempt from FNDN 101, FNDN 102, RELS 101, RELS 102, the Logical and Ethical Reasoning core requirement, and the Scientific Method and Lab Research core requirement. Students should note that these adjustments are based on the number of hours as awarded by Trinity Western and not the number of hours completed at college or university. Please consult the university’s academic calendar for details.

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