Transfer Policies

Many post-secondary institutions have specific policies and procedures related to giving transfer credit for a course taken at another institution. Often post-secondary institutions will require a minimum grade in order for transfer credit to be granted. They may also require course outlines to be provided, and have specific forms to start the transfer credit process. Take the time to figure out what you will need to provide in order to have your academic transcript evaluated for transfer credit.

Post-secondary institutions may also outline information on various transfer-related topics, such as:

  • the maximum allowable transfer credit a student can receive from courses taken at a other post-secondary institutions,
  • any applicable time limit, sometimes called stale dating, when the course you had taken may have been taken too long ago to be eligible for transfer credit,
  • whether certain programs only allow specific transfer credits or combination of transfer credits to meet their program admission and/or graduation requirements,
  • when a student may require a Letter of Permission to receive transfer credit for a course taken elsewhere,
  • whether there is a minimum number of credits or percentage of program that must be taken at the post-secondary institution in order to be granted a degree from that post-secondary institution (this is called a “residency requirement”),
  • additional steps for students with courses from post-secondary institutions outside BC and Canada,
  • whether transfer credit will be granted if the post-secondary institution where the course was taken is not recognized by this post-secondary institution,
  • whether or not credits earned for one credential may be used to meet some of the requirements of another credential at the same institution (also referred to as “laddering” or “multiple credentials”), and
  • whether or not there are individual block transfer agreements between post-secondary institutions in specific programs.

Transfer policies for specific post-secondary institutions can be found by selecting the post-secondary institution on the left side menu. More complete information is available on each post-secondary institution’s website.