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College of the Rockies

College of the Rockies is located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in the southeastern corner of British Columbia.  The main campus is located in Cranbrook, as is the Gold Creek campus. The College also has satellite campuses in Creston, Fernie, Golden, Invermere and Kimberley.  Program offerings include University Studies: Arts & Sciences, Adult Upgrading, Business Management, Child, Youth and Family Studies, Fire Training, Health, Office Administration, Tourism, and Trades. College of the Rockies offers certificate, diploma, degree, post-degree, and apprenticeship pathways.

The Cranbrook main campus is home to a 96-bed student housing. Accessibility Services and Indigenous Student Services are available. College of the Rockies campuses are surrounded by some of the world’s finest golf, ski resorts and spectacular scenery, allowing you to enjoy the Kootenay Rockies lifestyle to the fullest.

  • How to Apply for Transfer Credit at CNC

    If you have attended another institution and would like to transfer your credits to CNC, follow these steps:


    1. Apply to CNC
      Transfer credit will only be assessed once you have received and accepted your offer of admission to CNC.
    2. Review Program Requirements
      to determine if your previous courses could be applied to your CNC program.
    3. Apply for Transfer Credit at the Office of the Registrar
      Please note that there are fees associated with transfer credit from outside of BC.
    4. Request an official transcript from the sending institution
      Official transcripts must be forwarded in a sealed envelope directly from the sending institution to the College of New Caledonia.
    5. Submit detailed course outlines
      Please note that from the date CNC has received your completed application (including: fee payment, detailed course outlines and transcripts) the transfer credit review process can take up to 12 weeks.


    For more questions about CNC’s Transfer Credit process please see the Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing Policy and Procedures (E-1.44).

  • Transferring Credits from CNC to Another Institution

    If you have applied to another institution and would like to transfer your credits from CNC, follow these steps:


    1. Talk to Admissions at the institution you are applying to
      make sure you ask them about the transfer credit review process.
    2. Apply to the institution
      Most post-secondary institutions will not assess transfer credit until have you applied or been accepted.
    3. Request an official transcript from CNC
      Official transcripts can be requested online through your CNC Connect account or in person at the Office of the Registrar. Most post-secondary institutions require the transcript to be sent directly to them from CNC. Please refer to the receiving institution for details regarding where to send the transcript.
    4. Provide course outlines
      If the receiving institution requires course outlines to evaluated transfer credit.
    5. Connect with their Advising Department
      The evaluation processes may vary. Connect with the receiving institution’s Advising Department for details about their transfer credit procedures.
  • Types of Transfer Credit

    Direct (Assigned) Credit


    When CNC has an equivalent course to the one being reviewed for transfer credit, the student will receive direct course credit which may be used towards meeting prerequisites or specific program completion requirements.


    Unassigned Credit


    When CNC does not have an equivalent course, unassigned credit may be assigned. Unassigned credit is granted at the appropriate level and may be used towards meeting elective requirements.

  • Time Limit for Transfer Credit

    Transfer credit cannot be awarded to courses completed more than 10 years prior to admission to CNC. Please refer to the Ten Year Timeline for Program Completion policy for more information.

  • Additional Resources




    Transfer Credit

Transfer Information
  • BC Transfer Student
    If you have completed one or more post-secondary courses, you can possibly earn transfer credits toward your current program. For details on Transfer Credit check here.
  • Out-of-Province Transfer Student
    If you have completed one or more post-secondary courses, you can possibly earn transfer credits toward your current program. For details on Transfer Credit check here.
  • International Student

    For details on applying as an International Student check here.

  • Mature Student & PLAR

    If you have not graduated from secondary school you may be considered for admission as a mature student as long as you are at least 19 years old on the first day of classes. You must also meet the specific course/program prerequisites for your intended program.

  • How to Apply & EducationPlannerBC

    Learn more about admissions at College of the Rockies and apply online.


    College of the Rockies is a BC public institution authorized under provincial legislation to deliver post-secondary education and training in B.C. Use EducationPlannerBC.ca to explore and apply for admission to BC public post-secondary institutions.

Main Campus | Cranbrook
2700 College Way,
Cranbrook BC
V1C 5L7

301 - 16th Avenue
1978 Creston, BC
V0B 1G0

342 - 3rd Avenue,
1770 Fernie, BC
V0B 1M0

Gold Creek
1305 24th Ave S,
Cranbrook, BC
V1C 5L7

1305 9 Street South,
Golden, BC
V0A 1H0

1535 14th Street
Invermere, BC
V0A 1K4

1850 Warren Avenue
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1S1

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