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Corpus Christi College (CCC) is BC’s Catholic Liberal Arts College. Situated in Vancouver on the campus of UBC, western Canada’s largest university, Corpus Christi offers its students the best of both worlds: small, student-centered classes taught by fully-qualified instructors committed to CCC’s mission statement, along with the many benefits of proximity to UBC.  Prospective students are encouraged to review CCC’s generous awards program and visit the campus to experience the College’s student life program.

Corpus Christi offers a liberal arts program that is recognized by BC’s public universities, universities and colleges and Trinity Western, a private university. CCC students are able to take up to 60 credits in core subjects areas such as English, History, Religious Studies, Communications, Philosophy, and Math, as well as in a variety of electives such as Anthropology, Classical Studies, Economics, Film, Fine Arts, French, Geography, Political Science and Psychology. CCC students, if admissible, may also supplement their studies with courses at UBC.

Corpus Christi received program approval for the University Presidents’ Council in June 2000. The College is an institutional member of the BC Transfer System, which means that its courses appear in the BC Transfer Guide ( In April 2001, Corpus Christi received full accreditation from BC’s Private Post Secondary Education Commission (PPSEC), now the BC Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA), and its students are therefore eligible for student loans through the BC Student Assistance Plan. As well, CCC is a member of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities of Canada (ACCUC), a group that represents Canada’s leading Catholic institutions of higher education.

  • Transfer Credits

    Corpus Christi College offers transfer eligible courses that enable students to take up to 60 credits that can transfer to the Bachelor’s Degree program of their choice at another university. It is important to note that not only do you have to have the correct number of course credits, you must also attain a certain GPA to enter the university of your choice.


    Students need at least 24 transferrable credits in order to transfer in to university. Typically, a student transferring in to 2nd year university has 24-30 credits. If a student has at least 24 credits, then they their admittance will only be based on their college academics. If a student has less than 24 credits, then their applications will be grouped in with high school applications.


    Please ensure you know the application deadlines, GPA, and credit/program/graduation requirements for the university of your choice. You can usually discover these on their respective websites. If you would like further clarity, please book an appointment with an academic advisor.

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