Coast Mountain College

Coast Mountain College (CMTN) was established in 1975 at the site of the BC Vocational School in Terrace, BC. Since then the college has grown to be a diverse, decentralized institution that strives to meet the lifelong learning needs of Northwest residents.

The college region encompasses 80,000 square kilometres serving 90,000 residents. There are ten campus/centre locations in: Hazelton, Kitimat, Nass Valley, Prince Rupert, Queen Charlotte City, Smithers, Stewart and Terrace.

The college offers students the opportunity to select from a wide selection of basic education, career, vocational, trade, academic/university transfer and special education programs.

  • Transfer Credits

    To be recognized for past educational performance you may transfer up to 75% of the credits required for your credential.


    These credits must be from an accredited post-secondary institute and the minimum mark must C grade (60%). Students educated by BC post secondary institutions should refer to the BC Transfer Guide to see if credit has been established with CMTN or one of the provincial research universities. In order to receive transfer credit at CMTN you must be a registered student.

  • Transfer from BC Post-Secondary Institutions

    Courses recognized in the BC Transfer Guide


    If your course appears in the BC Transfer Guide, it means that the course has an articulation in place. Please submit a Transfer Credit Request Form [PDF] and an official transcript. Transcripts are considered official when they are submitted in the envelop from the institution you attended (most institutions can mail transcripts directly to the college).


    Courses not formally articulated


    For courses that are not formally articulated, course outlines will need to be submitted in addition to the Transfer Credit Request Form [PDF] and official transcripts. Course outlines can be submitted at the time of the request, either in person, by mail or as PDF attachments in an email to Remember to include “Transfer request” and your CMTN student number in the subject line.


    If you want to request pre-approval to receive credit for a course not yet complete at another BC post-secondary institution, please complete the Transfer Credit Letter of Permission Request Form [PDF]. You can either print it off and mail it to the Registrar’s Office or fill it out, save it to your computer, and attach it to an email. Please send it to: and include “Letter of Permission form and your student number” in the subject line. Allow 6-8 weeks for this review to take place and the Registrars Office will email the outcome of the review. If approved, official transcripts must be submitted to award credit.

  • Credit Requests from Post-Secondary Institutions Outside BC

    Coast Mountain College encourages applicants from all over the world. If you have been trained outside the province of British Columbia, you are still eligible to receive transfer credits, but you will need to submit additional documentation to support your transfer credit. Documentation will differ if you were educated in another Canadian province or if you were trained in another country.

  • Other Canadian Provinces

    Submit a Transfer Credit Request Form [PDF], an official transcript and course outlines for each of the courses you would like to be considered for credit. Transcripts are considered official when they are submitted in the envelop from the institution you attended. The course outlines can be sent in with the request form as PDF attachments or submitted separately to


    Subject matter experts are the college will be consulted to see if the content matches the level and curriculum of the course your have requested credit for. Please allow 6-8 weeks for this review to take place and the Registrars Office will email the outcome of the review.

  • Other Countries

    Submit a Transfer Credit Request Form, a comprehensive evaluation of your credential. Comprehensive evaluations can be obtained in BC through the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES). All costs associated with this evaluation are the responsibility of the student, and students should expect additional time for ICES to complete the review. Similar to an official transcript, ICES comprehensive evaluations will be considered official when they are submitted in the sealed envelop from the ICES (the ICES can mail the comprehensive evaluation directly to the college).

  • Additional Information

    For more information see our Transfer Credit Policy and Transfer Credit Procedures Policy.


    If you require any assistance with processes above please contact the Articulation Officer who handles both of these requests.

  • Additional Resources

    Tel: 1.877.277.2288


    Transfer Credit 


    Updated 2020

Transfer Information

Main Campus | Terrace
5331 McConnell Ave
Terrace, BC
V8G 4X2

4815 Swannell Drive,
338 Hazelton, BC
V0J 1Y0

3221-14th Street, W.,
Houston, BC
V0J 1Z0

Kay Llnagaay
#2 Second Beach Road,
Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, BC
V0T 1S1

606 Mountainview Square
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2N2

1730 Hodges,
Masset, Haida Gwaii, BC
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Nass Valley
3001 T'sol Tsap Avenue,
Gitwinksihlkw, BC
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Prince Rupert
353 5th Street
Prince Rupert, BC
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Queen Charlotte
138 Bay Street,
Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii, BC
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3966 2nd Ave,
Smithers, BC
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