British Columbia Institute of Technology

BCIT is one of British Columbia’s largest post-secondary institutions with more than 48,000 students enrolled annually (16,600 full-time, 31,600 part-time). We offer practical career credentials designed for the workplace, including degrees, diplomas and certificates spanning Applied and Natural Sciences, Business and Media, Computing and Information Technology, Engineering, Health Sciences and Trades.

BCIT has five main campuses: the Burnaby campus; Downtown Vancouver Campus; Aerospace Technology Campus in Richmond at YVR Airport; Marine Training Campus in North Vancouver; and Annacis Island Campus in Delta. A wide range of full-time and part-time programs are offered at the Burnaby and Downtown campuses, whereas a smaller number of specialized programs are offered at the Aerospace, Marine and Annacis Island campuses. BCIT also has satellite campuses across the province.

FACILITY/SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS: The Burnaby Campus offers students the following: a 336-space student housing; a drop-in medical office, numerous sports courts, a weight room, aerobics classes, sports fields and a running track; extensive educational and personal counselling services; and a child care centre.

  • General Entrance Requirements

    Age Restriction

    At time of enrollment, students must be at least 16 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

    Applicant Residency Priority

    The British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education sets the overall Institutional enrolment targets for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. BCIT aims first to meet these targets. Enrolment capacity above Institutional Ministry targets may be filled with international students.


    English Language Profiency

    All BCIT applicants must meet or exceed the level of English language skills as outlined in the relevant program’s entrance requirements.


    International Students

    • International students must submit proof of adequate medical coverage before being permitted to enrol in a program at BCIT.
    • Once enrolled at BCIT, international students will have the same rights and privileges as domestic students in similar programs, subject to relevant government regulations.


    Co-operative Education / Work Placement Employment Programs

    In addition to the established program entrance requirements, co-operative education or workplace employment programs may stipulate further or supplementary entrance requirements.

  • Programs

    Program Entrance Requirements

    Once applicants have met the general BCIT entrance requirements, then they must meet the entrance requirements of the program area. Program requirements may fall into the following categories:

    • Designated courses (s) with specific achievement levels
    • Essays, references, interviews, resumes
    • Medical certificates
    • Testing
    • Assessment of prior learning
    • Approved upgrading courses and assessment testing


    Right to Select Candidates

    BCIT is responsible for the final selection of all candidates. BCIT reserves the right to accept only those applicants who, having met the minimum program entrance requirements, are best suited for success in the program.


    Waiving of Program Entrance Requirements:

    The program associate dean, in consultation with the subject area expert and the Registrar’s office, may decide to waive one or more of the program entrance requirements. The decision is based on an assessment of applicant success in the program.


    Changes in Admission Prerequisites

    • Authorization
      All program entrance requirement changes must have written approval of the Vice President, Education.
    • Giving Fair Notice of Change
      BCIT has an ongoing obligation to update program information and entrance requirements. Approved changes should not be implemented unless fair notice is given to prospective students. BCIT has determined that twelve (12) months is sufficient time for implementing an entrance requirement change.
      A caveat shall remain in all pertinent publications stating that information printed is subject to change without notice.
  • Formal Transfer Arrangements

    Academic Residency Requirements

    Students may be granted academic credit toward a BCIT credential based upon prior successful academic studies at other educational institutions (transfer credit and/or advanced placement) and/or through credit granted based upon life and/or work experience (prior learning assessment and recognition).

    In order to satisfy academic residency requirements for a BCIT credential, a student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 50% of the total required program of study at BCIT. For apprenticeship programs, the residency policy will be satisfied by completion of the final term at BCIT.

    This limitation may be appealed by individual programs through Education Council.

    Individual BCIT schools may require use of specific procedures regarding the academic residency requirement.


    Transfer Credit

    BCIT will undertake to provide students with an opportunity to use credits earned at and awarded by other post-secondary institutions, where the learning outcomes are similar to those of BCIT courses within their program. BCIT reserves the right to determine where transfer credit will and will not be awarded and will endeavour to ensure consistency of assessment activities and the resulting award or credit. See BCIT transfer credit database.


    Multiple Credentials

    BCIT encourages laddering among programs, allowing students to pursue additional credentials to advance in their field of study. Credits earned for one credential may be used to meet some of the requirements of a more advanced credential, where those credits are applicable to the more advanced credential. Students may also be able to apply credits earned for one credential to meet some of the requirements of another credential of the same type (e.g. two certificates).


    Approved Student Exchanges

    BCIT outgoing exchange students must have their learning plan pre-approved by the BCIT program’s department and the Registrar’s office. Once tuition is assessed and paid, the agreed upon courses taken at the exchange institution will be considered part of the student’s BCIT residency.


    Formal Transfer Arrangements

    The British Columbia Institute of Technology encourages arrangements with other educational institutions whereby students may take part of a program at another educational institution and transfer to BCIT to complete the program. This is intended to enable students who begin BCIT-equivalent programs in other educational institutions to complete them at BCIT. The transfer arrangement is formalized at the educational institution level and should maximize the student’s opportunity for success at BCIT.

  • Restrictions / Confidentiality

    No Multiple Applications

    At time of enrollment, students must be at least 16 years of age. There is no upper age limit.


    Applicant Residency Priority

    Applicants will be considered for only one program at a time. This excludes part time and apprentice programs.


    Time Restrictions on Provisional Acceptance

    Applicants who receive provisional acceptance must complete all entrance requirements 30 days prior to the first day of class. Exceptions will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Registrar. Under no circumstance shall a student who has not cleared his or her condition(s) of acceptance be permitted to attend classes beyond 10 calendar days after class start.


    Fraudulent Documents

    The minimum penalty for submitting fraudulent, application-related documents is non-enrolment from BCIT for one full calendar year.

  • Additional Resources


    BCIT Burnany Campus
    Office of the Registrar
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    Burnaby, BC
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    Transfer Credit


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