Flexible Pre-Majors

The Flexible Pre-Major (FPM) Program has been discontinued. The FPM agreements linked on the left-hand side of this page are provided for historical reference only and should not be considered guaranteed transfer pathways.

A FMP refers to first and second year courses that students are required to complete in order to be admitted to a major at the third year level.

An FPM is a set of flexible requirements:

  • deliverable by the sending institution and acceptable to the receiving institution; and
  • deemed to fulfill the lower level requirements for the major.

With FPM agreements in place across many institutions, a student could plan their first and second year courses and leave open multiple options for transferring into various BC institutions for entrance into the major at the third year level.  If a student had planned to attend a particular university and ended up not doing so, completion of the FPM for the chosen major was intended to allow them to complete their major at another participating institution.