*Please Note:  The Flexible Pre-Major Program has been discontinued and will no longer be updated.  The agreements listed below are for historical reference only and should not be considered a guaranteed pathway.  To view current course articulations, please go the Course Search.

The Sociology Flexible Pre-Major consists of six courses (18 credits):

  1. at least two introductory level (first-year) Sociology courses (each 3 credits minimum), OR one introductory level (first-year) Sociology course and a second year course dealing with Canadian Society.
  1. one lower-level Sociology theory course (3 credits minimum). An upper-level theory course can be substituted for a lower-level theory course, but the upper-level course will not be permitted to fulfill any upper-level theory course requirement at a receiving institution.
  2. one second-year general introductory research methods course (3 credits minimum). In some cases, a similar research methods course from a different department, such as Criminology or Psychology, may be substituted.  A third-year research methods course can be substituted for the second-year research methods course, but the third-year course will not be permitted to fulfill any third-year research methods course requirement at the receiving institution.
  3. a minimum of five lower-level (either first or second year) Sociology courses (minimum total of 15 credits), including the courses listed under 1), 2), and 3) above.

For departments offering third-year courses, one third-year Sociology course (3 credits minimum) may be substituted for a second-year course if a second-year course is not available. If a receiving program requires six lower-level Sociology courses, students transferring into that program with five lower-level Sociology courses may take the additional lower-level course or credits in their third year of the program. For receiving departments expecting six lower level Sociology courses, the additional course or credit may be taken in year three of the major program. It is highly recommended that students taking the Sociology Flexible Pre-Major take six lower-level sociology courses.

  1. a first or second year introductory course in statistics for the social sciences (3 credits minimum). Typically, such courses are offered in a social science department, such as Sociology or Psychology, or within a Math or Statistics department. This course will not count as one of the 15 lower-level sociology credits required for the Sociology Flexible Pre-Major.


  • None of the courses constituting the requirements for the flexible pre-major in Sociology may substitute for upper-level requirements in the program at a receiving institution.
  • The flexible pre-major does not excuse students from non-discipline specific requirements of programs at the receiving institution, such as English, humanity or science requirements. These must still be met prior to graduation with the major.  Prior to applying for transfer, students are encouraged to examine the total program requirements of receiving institutions • assessed on a course-by-course basis in accordance with the online transfer guide.

Students are advised that completion of the Sociology Flexible Pre-Major does not guarantee acceptance into programs with a Sociology major. Acceptance depends on students obtaining a competitive GPA and/or meeting any other admission requirements specified by the receiving institution.

The complete report on the Sociology Flexible Pre-Major is available here.


  Introductory Courses Theory Course Research Methods Course Math or Statistics Course
Capilano University

SOC 100, SOC 101


MATH 101, MATH 205

Douglas College

SOCI 1125, SOCI 1145, SOCI 1155

SOCI 2235

SOCI 2260

MATH 1160

Langara College SOCI 1120, SOCI 1121, SOCI 1122, SOCI 1123, SOCI 1126, SOCI 1127

SOCI 2200

SOCI 2230

STAT 1124

North Island College

SOC 110, SOC 111


SOCI 220

MAT 115

Northern Lights College

SOCI 101, SOCI 102


SOCI 207

Okanagan College

SOCI 111, SOCI 112

SPCI 210

Selkirk College

SOC 120, SOC 121

SOC 225

SOC 205

STAT 105

Simon Fraser University

SA 100, SA 150


SA 255

STAT 203

Thompson Rivers University

SOCI 111, SOCI 121


SOCI 2720

SOCI 2710

Thompson Rivers University – Open Learning

SOCI 1111, SOCI 1211

SOCI 2509 PSYC 2111 PSYC 2101/
STATS 1201
University of BC- Vancouver

SOCI 100

SOCI 350

SOCI 217

SOCI 328

University of Victoria SOCI 100a, SOCI 100b

SOCI 210

SOCI 211

SOCI 271

Vancouver Community College SOCI 1100, SOCI 1200      
Vancouver Island University

SOCI 111, SOCI 112

SOCI 209

SOCI 250

MATH 161

Last Updated: Spring, 2019