*Please Note:  The Flexible Pre-Major Program has been discontinued and will no longer be updated.  The agreements listed below are for historical reference only and should not be considered a guaranteed pathway.  To view current course articulations, please go the Course Search.

The Anthropology Flexible Pre-Major in Anthropology consists of five courses (15 credits):

1. At least one lower-level (first or second year) Anthropology course (3 credits minimum) in each of these three areas:

  • social / cultural
  • biological/physical
  • archaeology

If the student takes an introductory course which combines physical/biological anthropology with Archaeology,  the student must then take a second lower-level course in either biological/physical anthropology or archaeology.

2.  A second-year general introductory research methods course (3 credits minimum)

If such a course is not available in the Anthropology department, a comparable course provided through another discipline such as Sociology or Psychology may be substituted

3. A minimum of five lower-level (either first or second year) Anthropology courses (15 credits minimum) including the courses listed in 1) and 2).

Students transferring to programs with Anthropology majors requiring six lower-level Anthropology courses may take the additional course or credits in year three of their program.


  • None of the courses constituting the requirements for the flexible pre-major in Anthropology may substitute for upper-level requirements in the receiving institution.
  • The flexible pre-major does not excuse students from non-discipline specific requirements of programs at the receiving institution, such as English, humanity or science credits. These must still be met prior to graduation with the major, and students are encouraged to examine the total program requirements of receiving institutions prior to applying for transfer.

Students are advised that completion of the Anthropology Flexible Pre-Major does not guarantee acceptance into programs with an Anthropology major. Acceptance depends on students obtaining a competitive GPA and/or meeting any other admission requirements specified by the receiving institution.

The complete report on the Anthropology Flexible Pre-Major program is available here.


Introductory Courses Social/Cultural Biological/Physical Archaeology Research Methods
Capilano University ANTH 121, ANTH 123, ANTH 124 ANTH 121 ANTH 124 ANTH 123 ANTH 241
Douglas College ANTH 1100, ANTH 1111, ANTH 1112 ANTH 1100 ANTH 1111 ANTH 1112 ANTH 2192, ANTH 2193
Langara College ANTH 1120, ANTH 1131, ANTH 1132 ANTH 1120 ANTH 1131 ANTH 1132 ANTH 1221,
ANTH 1222,
ANTH 1223
North Island College ANT 150,
ANT 151
ANT 150 ANT 151 ANT 151,
ANT 251
ANT 290,
ANT 291
Northern Lights College ANTH 101,
ANTH 102
ANTH 102 ANTH 101 ANTH 101
Selkirk College ANTH 100, ANTH 110 ANTH 100 ANTH 110 ANTH 210 SOC 205
Simon Fraser University SA 101,
SA 150 (S)
SA 101 ARCH 131 ARCH 201 SA 255
Thompson Rivers University ANTH 111, ANTH 119, ANTH 121 ANTH 121 ANTH 111 ANTH 119
Yukon College ANTH 140, ANTH 100, ANTH 101, ANTH 103 ANTH 100 ANTH 101 ANTH 103 ANTH 225, ANTH 221


Last updated: Spring, 2019